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I think Administrator did not understand me when I asked to remove duplicates in my subject's birth on esoteric? Give the material in English. I hope it will be more accessible to all, to understand spirituality and what the real predictive astrology?

As children are born under the law esotericism.

We encode the planet, their impact on our individual destiny do not like each other. So within the rising sign are born even remotely, but similar species. Navams a Lagna within 10 minutes determines the appearance of the individual, but in reality things are different then all those born within the sign Navamsa sign (10 minutes) should be similar to each other (at least approximately)?? If this law is not going to work, then astrology fiction scams and not esoteric science that gives us the opportunity to read the code of fate, which, like all of destiny, God created originally for his material creations. But if it is not fiction, then the reason of our false perception. Once your mind is that as the body of a false perception, the farthest from the heart can receive and issue such an illusion??
Here is a simple example that destroys your entire astrological concept, which laid the foundation of building a birthday card in all the schools of astrology has existed for over 4,000 years, from the time of the Flood (allegory of the world dive into the worlds of the mind and the Rakshasa demons), you can simply break if you're a man and you already have to think.
In real life, we see that in the American Hospital, three different mothers who gave birth at the same time their children are of color and the size and weight and nationality are different, and not by the law of the planets acting on the object that is in the world, at all affect the Soul equal to one and the same time? By law, all of astrology should be similar to each other? And one out of three women in labor gives birth to twins White race, the first of whom was born at the same time with the other two children (a boy), and from the APMA - American, black baby (girl) and a third of Hispanic (a boy), and only then, after half a day out twin (boy) a white child to be like his brother, but their fate will be different and will match only at the death of their parents and other relatives, prescribed in their lives? If so, then the law coding planets individual fates and does not work with your school of astrology built birthday cards at real time (probably an illusion, matter, deception, are synonyms of one value) is a bluff of the mind, which by its nature can not even think. And if everything works and the mind is mistaken, then the birth takes place in a different time. This is the birth of consciousness, when the Soul enters into the matter, only valid for one lunar month before the appearance of the image of the child to the light. Creation of the world is fast the speed of light and is not written in the fate of the carrier material mind, only an enlightened person can see this process at a time when the mind stops and the time and then gradually materializes the way of the biological body and the materialization of the world around us.
God told the prophet, "I am reliably hide the birth of man from the uninitiated eye of the mind"
And he did so. As promised. Not a single individual, who was born in this world has a second birth, only those who came to him from the world of men. Jesus also said, "No one is born in this world to reach the kingdom of the Lord." This allegory is a knowledge of the truth. To be the man in the middle of this world have to pass through all of its 72 demigods, as the levels of development of various demonic and earthly Nakshatra. To get enlightenment and become a man, the bearer of truth and self-astrologer. This world, God, through the prophets, gave the only religion which is spiritual level of development and the raising of the faith, which is also under the control of fate (astral). and this is the same assumption of mind and perception of illusion wrought by fate.


Ayanamsa, it is a constant for any of the material world, rectifying our minds to get the exact state of matter, and not to the roof blew off and the mind did not go, you are given a distorted consciousness in matter, and therefore affect lights in our consciousness at a different angle so as not to burn the mind of its weakness. Dark glasses appeared only recently, although they could not do before, but it did not have the old, they could look at the sun and charged with energy at a certain angle of the left eye.
So Ayanamsa gives the knowledge of the alignment of all of Creation by God, because in the world when it sank after the Flood to the level of intelligence material, no one knows astrology and other Truth. The mind accepts only real, or what the eye sees, and sees it in the perspective that it is given on the fate of the astral forces. After all, your mind, they rule and you impose its idea of astral forces that create the image of your world materialized, as spelled out in the code of your destiny. But if you are not a man and do not have a second birth of the Religious of the Holy Spirit, you are not a carrier of knowledge and never get them until you reach this level of development, which even does not belong to this world. Because the ancient people (sages Rishi) as teachers and missionaries came to assimilate the world through the knowledge of their levels that are naturally higher knowledge embodied this creation. If astrology is a science of the mind (Latin - Sapiens), but do not mind, then this world it can not know the exact and only takes a distortion of his mind, which is always present in the material. All schools of astrology and Ayanamsa as psycho talk about your worlds and their mentality, where every demonic mind, your level of development. In this world, the highest achievement of the world is expressed through religion, which gives results as calm mental performance and reduce the delusions of the mind, through its degeneration. For this reason, the state of the higher mind, it is the lowest state in the matter and the high point of his delusions and atheism, which is given only inferior individuals. So all academicians, professors, doctors, a measure of lower creatures who imposes his distortion you crazy with lower matter, because the mind is just stealing. Accumulates. Planning and guessing. The ancient prophets spoke of the first pharaohs, that man is a free craft and science. For this reason, your boss with higher education can not and nail to score, his level of development in the cycle of rebirth does not have that operating time and the fate of all of you loving God gives him the opportunity to learn by the example of others like this nail is hammered until it is a matter with a low point development given him the opportunity to command higher than it is in terms of development. For this reason, the Inquisition and burned for their clever deception, because they take the mind as only an illusion projected her into the world on the other, thereby distorting the truth.

The coordinate of birth and time zones, giving a distortion in the horoscope.

Apply in astrology to geographical time. As it always has been, and is not taken at the end of XIX century, the British rounded time zones, because not everyone has a birth, just in the middle of the time zone. Many are born and on the periphery, on both sides of the rounded values of time zones, and it does not always give the correct prediction in the Dasa. Earlier astrologers before the introduction of fixed areas and the extended system of policy and daylight saving time is always built on the exact coordinate, at that exact place where the mother was the last lunar month before the actual birth. Ayanamsha constant, then it will not work exactly in the border zones of the clock? Therefore, we must build a birthday horoscope just the way it is, our ancestors, before the introduction of the English with their material thinking, time zones. Meridians are necessary, but areas of astrology is not needed, because the birth is invisible and while it is accepted as the birth of a real mind, and with this system losses and uncertainty in the calculations remain forever.
If, for example, you were born in Bratsk (Russia), Irkutsk Region September 23, 1981. You will have a one hour time policy adopted by the government of the USSR and one one-hour daylight saving time, which was introduced later, and operates up to 1 October of that year. The program gives you a 9-hour zone, and considering the native coordinate where the house of her mother (101 ° 44'00 ") we get +6:46:57
So let's see what the difference, if we ignore the one o'clock time directive, and one year, then the discrepancy will be 23minutes, and one minute in the Moon Dasa, is 2.5 X 23 days = 57.5 days, the time discrepancy in the table Dash. How can you build horoscope with such a distorted system of the time, when we ourselves invent complexity and distort their consciousness and self-deception to expose themselves idiots, even in a simple children's arithmetic?
Sorry for being advocated cool, but these errors are present at every step, and astrologers with higher mathematics education, it's all take for granted like. And because they do not even realize that there is an exact astrology, a predictive system that gives precise indications to the minute in the natal chart, and in the solarium to seconds?

Celebrated his astrology Indians were not the most distant in the science reading the code of fate, because only the first Hindu opening Indus-Aryan nation, then they are most and should err in predictive astrology. Apart from the Semites. Which God gave bondage, and that it is forbidden to do science person, as long as they are not born with the fate of Hindu and will not open a new stage in its development and recovery turns to human form. Indians still hung British Indian middle period of at all th India +5:30
Take, for example, the city Cypat and calculate the error in one's horoscope by day because of the clever innovations? Cypat (72 ° 48'51 "E) = 4:51 5:30 - 4:51 = 39 'x2.5 = 97.5. It is 3 months and 5.5 days of error only one time zone and the exact coordinates of a person's birth.

But the city on the border with Pakistan. City Jakhou (68 ° 42'51 ") = 4:33.
5:30 -4:33 = 57'x2 .5 = 142.5 So for this prediction can be in the eye shlopotat.
So now it's time to start at least learn a little bit of thinking, Nov. understand. That it is difficult for the mind. in thinking that denied God.


This calculation in the Mach series of complete reversal of the precession of the earth. Tropical Zodiac, there is only one moment, everything else is just Sidereal time taking into account the shift of the vernal equinox from 0 ° Aries.
So tropical astrology is the most primitive and inferior beings given a narrow mind, and with the Sidereal Ayanamsa Lahiri, a little more advanced, but this world is not astrological, he was always on the mind, and therefore implying that brought people into the world of astrology with a given you only the basics of it. They know that no code Aboriginal fate of the world may not know the exact astirologiyu. Because you have not become enlightened and twice-born (men) and therefore can not have the mind to know that spiritual or esoteric science.
Where is the moment, which is called a tropical bulk of which went 0ovna shift at the vernal equinox, does not know in this world, no one from the media mind, so the exact Ayanamsa you can not find, and this is a false horoscope with his deceit, and that you do in this world.

Here is the exact calculation of the precession cycle and our Mach land:


50.290918996696166015911467982566 ......... "---- precession rate per year
1° = 71, year 5835
1° = 60' =3600” / 71.5835 = 50.290918996696166015911467982566 ......... "---- precession rate per year
71, 5835 25 x 360 = 770.06 years ---- Mach full cycle.
25 770.06 / 5 = 5154,012 (1 creation of five)
5154.012 / 71, 5835 = 72 (the demigod of participating in one of the five components of the works of the pentagram demon in human form).
72° x5 = 360°.

Moon in the horoscope at the time of birth.

In true natal Moon always points to the coordinate of the hospital when the whole chart, where there is a real birth relative to the house where his mother was the last lunar month before the actual birth. Moon eats attribute of the mind, illusions and mother. If all were born on the real-time, then we would all be sick, and since this does not happen, then the actual time of birth nonsense implying mind, which is the most distant from the subtle energy of the Soul. Man is born of the Spirit. Because the Spirit is alive. And no soul, the soul is an intermediate stage of development of the species in the cycle of regeneration energy of God, which is in the matter of rebuilding its eternity. Moon in the true nativity should always be connected with the planet. Oh man, how about the Spirit of the Living well described in the Gospel of Thomas in the sayings of number 118. There's an allegory and that a woman can not be a man of means, and it is born no one in this world. Birth occurs quickly. Since the speed of light. Just as you materialize in the image and materialize the world, every day from the comfort of a deep unconscious sleep. After all, the mind is overheated in the matter and do not let it cool down for more than 6 days, the image of your body will die. There will come a physical death. Only a man who thinks live longer. So, what's a woman. It's just a shape attribute of matter. from it are born only images, but not the person. And even any individual soul.

The adage number 118. Simon Peter said to them: Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life. Jesus said, Behold, I will send it in order to make her male, so that she also became a living spirit, like you men. For every woman who will be the male will enter the kingdom of heaven (or woman, or even a demon mad man)

Born in the hospital and this figure is in the horoscope of birth, only those who have a mother was on keeping before birth and held in Gynecology last month before delivery. Only in these cards are expressed problems with the health of the child and the fate of the code always points to the expressed childhood diseases.

The soul is divine and fixed, it is always at his true birth, according to the plane of the world will mix up your mind only. And consciousness itself also born at the point of arrival of Soul, at the time when it enters into matter (in seven shells of consciousness)

Building a horoscope based on the signification planet, house steward destiny.

To find the first house the native's alleged, we should first of all fellow as much as possible about the data it contains.
For that, I made a list of questions here. In Russian:


From this list you need in the first place the exact coordinates of the native host mother during one lunar month prior to delivery. Since birth, this is the moment when the soul enters into the matter, in which there is a manifestation of fate, at the same time from the moment the consciousness, which is only in the matter. Outside matter of fate not.
Entry into matter and the birth of consciousness, it is the moment of introduction of Soul with sevenfold skin, because people are seven skins and spirit, demon soul form, as a condition of the soul and its torsional dynamics and also seven shells of consciousness. Demon Soul can only have a sense organ (mind). The man is enlightened, it is the second birth of the Soul - Spirit Alive carrier Mind (Latin - sapiens, in the English language and the mind, "sapiens", a single value, but they are the opposites of good and evil. Truth and lies, as well as all relating to the dual nature of the mind) . To be born twice. It is necessary to degenerate from the mind. A strong mind, the rate of the lowest form of development. And since most of the world has a higher education, then came into the world on the development of lower forms of Soul, with half-animal instinct.
The first rule in any astrology. The first house is never empty. God is the sower, for the second group of blood are real people. All other blood groups are the product of mixing (of) consciousness in the cycle of rebirth of the soul. Leading horoscope planet in the first house in the exact birth chart should be repeated in all fractional maps. Thus, the passage of the soul is built into the matter. On the day in this world is born only 72 souls, one from each demigod. All that you take as a form of living of people around you, not the present. This Archons (material astral gods), you create thought forms that do not have souls. (What is Heaven and Hell, I will describe in the next topic, there you will learn how to come to their own individual soul Hell, which is located within a square, or quadrant houses in the birth chart.)
In the creation of the correct birth chart is important statute that prescribes Wimsottari Dasa your code fate, which shows all the key stages of your destiny in this lifetime. They affect your social circle, and it is in most of your relatives and those key periods of your life where you are in the matter of implementing yourself. According to these factors and verified the authenticity of your birth horoscope.
In the construction of birthday cards involved nodes, which can be in any house and display the ruler of the planet. Or Saturn and Mars and make the transition in the law building chart. The rest of the law of birth is shown in 1, 5, 7, 10 home and in their signs displayed in signs rulers of these houses and rooms in the northern type of card construction horoscope. More accurate test for constructing working horoscope important PP (Pranapada) in fractional maps (D-60) and (D-24). It should always be on its location in the 1. 5. 7, 9 house in the map (D-60) - the moon and the sun, and in the fractional map (D-24) - Venus and Mercury. If it will not. horoscope is not properly constructed. By counting and geographical setting time, which I described earlier in another post, you build and check on the work Pranapada birthday cards. If your code has the fate of the construction of the birth chart appears the sun. It will void the law described by birth! 1. 5, 7, 10 houses and their signs in any home.) The sun is a Leo. Ruler of the 5th house of children always opens the birth chart without going through all the laws of mapping, but Pranapada, should always check the authenticity of a work horoscope.
In the signs and houses are only working at the birth of the planets are in them. They are read as fixed and variable as significations for individual birth chart.
The most important factor in building a horoscope is Ayanamsa. All available Ayanamsa not true. They display the narrow consciousness of every individual who put the matter in hand to her finding, and then advertise it. Thus, the matter shows you all. What is written in the books of lies, but the fact that you gave the first Rishi does not lie, but all the knowledge of people in this world given only in the sutras. He did not give their demons. But only to himself, when he again comes into this world on the median birth, he needed Guiding pointer. To his mind of man awoke again. The person in this world a better view of assimilation brought servants who are Indians and gave them the knowledge to those without distorting it was carried to all the people who have come back to this world to fulfill its mission of teachers. So that the material the teacher giving you the dedication. This kind of religious consecration and does not give the truth. Only God gives you direct knowledge of the nature of goodness in a state of spiritual ecstasy of space and time. All Hindu saints. it is a relative holiness. They all die in Samadhi. Where the burst blood vessels and the nervous system of primary Indus - Aryan race does not stand the transition from a higher astral to the anti-(Kingdom of God), and to the torus man returns to the matter alive. And at the beginning and at the end of creation man always comes and goes in the world. So that holiness is a relative quantity, and each type is given as a concept, based on their level of development and the faith and of belonging to society.
In conclusion of this post, once again remind. That relocation is not. All the cards. that you build. Including astrology question. are based on the point of birth, and not on the place where the mind.
Building a horoscope based on the signification planet, house steward destiny.
Written above the law horoscope construction work, only if the astrologer finds a cycle 25.77.06 years of full cycle Precession of five creatures, part human right Ayanamsa pentagram, which will point to 0 ° Aries at the vernal equinox in the Maha cycle. Where there is only one moment the position of Tropical Zodiac, and all the rest of the Sidereal Zodiac. Ask God to give you a revelation in it. If you are worthy of this knowledge, and have reached the human condition. God will give you the knowledge.
Building a horoscope based on the signification planet, house steward destiny.
In the first matter, the native home. This 10 home karma mother of four at home mothers. In matter your destiny is manifested by the fate of the mother. In the first house to be spelled out its karma (education or work). your name and even the name. In the 6th house, or in the 9th house spelled out the name of the father and his karma. Indians can calculate the first house on the table you'll fall out of Maharishi Jaimini Sutra. Table 1.1 Katapayadi Varga – Concjnans.

Building a horoscope based on the signification planet, house steward destiny.

In the first matter, the native home. This 10 home karma mother of four at home mothers. In matter your destiny is manifested by the fate of the mother. In the first house to be spelled out its karma (education or work). your name and even the name. In the 6th house, or in the 9th house spelled out the name of the father and his karma. Indians can calculate the first house on the table you'll fall out of Maharishi Jaimini Sutra. Table 1.1 Katapayadi Varga – Concjnans.

In the Russian language I use “astrological imenoslov”, which describes well the vibration of the color of each name. This applies to all the houses of relatives native horoscope.
Moon is in conjunction with the planet gives its name to the city of birth. It simulates the sign and color vibrancy letter, which begins the name of the.

Program settings Jagannatha Hora 7.4 and 7.51 for

Top esoteric program. this free program. God gives them to do so. Who is pure of heart and does not charge them a dime. I use two programs Jagannatha Hora 7.4 and 7.51, since both have a mathematical calculation of Dasa miscalculations in time.
By downloading the software Jagannatha Hora 7.51 start changing form of mapping with the South Indian, North Indian on. I'm going to paint step by step and in each series of operations will be written in brackets is what you will need to install changing what is available on the above me. In others, no need not to touch anything and do not change, and in general they are still too much for the beginner, and indeed for a knowledgeable astrologer too.

1). Upper row Preferences - "Reloted to Disply - Font size adjustment - Adjust font size - Biggest - OK. "

2). Type in your position and time zone, and then commit to it when loading the program has always been my source data. The time and number will change constantly when entering the program. . "Preferences - Set Current Location as Default - OK."

3). Installing Amendment (Ayanamsa) at offset 0 ° Aries at the vernal equinox, which is in the "Tropic" will give the degrees of the planets and the ASC on the real (illusion), and by Lahiri, you get the one which is used by the world delusions of the mind and the mind of Indians (I have not seen the other, as it is the highest astral and then all the material). It also, like other not true. That's the whole problem of your life to find this value to obtain an accurate astrology. "Reloted to - Reloted Salculation" - "Ayanamsa" - "Lahiri (Chitrapaksha)" - "OK".
There are two positions below the "ADD" - added to the Lahiri and "Subtract" - subtract from Lahiri. Fits degrees, minutes, and seconds, and after the point of their shares to 10,000 seconds, so that you can get a real Ayanamsa, which Wimsottari Dasa will you display the rulers of the time, and so on until the last split, which allows the program to (D-144 ), and then you can hand a couple of partitions on the percentages of time to do, and it would require a table (approximate it, everyone can afford to make a more accurate view of the influence of planets on their fate in the years translated into a percentage)
Ke = 5.833333333333%
Ve = 16.66666666666%
Su = 5%
Mo = 8.333333333333%
Ma = 5.833333333333%
Ra = 15%
Ju = 13.3333333333333%
Sa = 15.8333333333333%
Me = 14.1666666666666%
It is 100% in micro Dasa, which is not split up the program and the follow-up, when they are as variable significations Jamini will indicate the code at birth and birth will help to see further influence in your horoscope for alternate micro process of karma.
In the first house should always be the ruler of the planet is the destination, which is one of the seven planets and the two nodes and all fractional maps is the first house, and thus builds horoscope of birth, and then to the smallest fractional map (D-144) set Pranapada (PP) so that it has emerged from the first to the second home. When you set the annual solarium on the date of birth, or it can jump further in the third house. Your case to fit you out, and this time, since there are still fractional maps, which the program does not provide, when properly constructed birth chart, you are in an unknown date between 1 and 30 days of Lunar allocated to the arrival of the Soul into matter and the birth of your consciousness ( consciousness manifests itself only in the ideal point the exact location will provide an accurate work of all time periods sign in your life). Check for working on this horoscope Pranapada in fractional maps (D-24 and D-60), as I described in the previous topic. The first (D-24) map 1. 5, 7, 10, home from the PP must be Mercury or Venus, and the second fractional map (D-60) of RR B1, 5, 7, 10, the house must be in the sun. or the Moon. If one of the two, or both harmonics work, then horoscope is built correctly and you have to check it out for the opening of birth code, the law which I have explained above.
Then, when the birthday card works and opens to the laws of man in building houses, you can read the code on the fate of variables signification of Jamini, which are indicated next to each planet in the times of the day relative to their values in degrees.

4) .. "Preferences - Reloted Salculation - Upagraha Salculation Options - beginning - middle - middle - OK."
In such a sequence "(beginning - middle - middle)" from top to bottom must be in the three to the left, windows.

5). Come as position number 3, 4, but go down to the bottom of the second flag and go over the strip section and change to 365. 2425 days in a year, with 360 days. There still is the number 144, it does not touch it. After installing the 365 days, apply it - OK.

When all the settings on the program will be ready, will set up a natal chart (Rasi) and all fractional card and set it in the order of choice on which system the program will build you a fractional card.

Rasi - (D-9) - (D-2 Jn) - (D-3 parasara drekana) - (D-4 parasara) - (D-5 standard) - (D-6) - (D-7) - (D-8 Continuous) - (D-10 Parasara) - (D-11 Rudramsa) - (D -12) - (D-16) - (D-20) ---- (D-24) - (D-27) - (D-30 Parasara) - (D40) - (D-45) - (D-60) - (D-81) - (D-108) - (D-144) This is because checkmark and fill up the flags in fractional maps where there is change in the method of mapping.

Another moment, and the program can be applied. You can look at two positions natal chart. In the first case, Rasi, it is a sign of the house, and (D-1 chakra), it will affect other houses from the ASC. Click photo to Rasi map on the right arm and the names popping up all fractional maps. Where Rasi registered, you will see. And the other fractional maps below Rasi. More than anything, do not press, because installation and change it if you do not understand how to bring back, you have to remove and reinstall the program settings.
Now, the last installation. You will always be used to read chart. It is set in the second row in the "Choose The Reference for Bhava / Chalit Chakra" only to use three types of Lagna: Bhava, Hora and Ghati Lagna. The program is now ready for use.

Reading on the fate of the common code Wimsottari Dasa.

This Dasa has a primary in Vedic astrology. All the others appeared to her in the distortion measure of personal consciousness, as the next stage of the regeneration of the soul, when each generation, who came to development in the matter of this world Shower, by precession of the earth is automatically distorted consciousness in the direction of the angle of refraction of light perception of the Soul of God that lax enforcement of discrimination could harm their light of revelation, damaging the thin sensitive skin consciousness of the mind. World collapses and the mind has gone from mind (Latin-sapiens), its purpose in the development of this creation, and thus becomes more intelligent, but not sapiens (opposite of the mind). In another way, we can say that the world is at this stage shows more outward - the material, and not the internal - the state of mind of seeing the world. The mind is in search of what he can never find, because the fate of this code is not written Osby truth that he must get directly from God. If horoscope properly prepared and found true the day and time of manifestation of consciousness and the beginning of the work of fate, you apply the logic and go home. Signs and planets, fixed and variable significations be able to check the correctness of their Ayanamsa. Which is to be repeated and materialize all your images (also not your thoughts, forcing them to you demon image and thought, who does your world image) thoughts.
You can read the code e fate of two ways:
1. Entering the exact time of birth, which you impose your destination planet is creative in all fractional maps.
2. Take turns reading Wimsottari Dasa rulers. From the first to the last ruler. It also indicates your destiny.

Finally, you can spend the rest of his life, and then many more. Until you get the destiny of the person who brought the first Rishi in the world of demons (intermediate development between man and animal) that knowledge. Who once received from God. If the code is not the fate of knowledge of the exact Ayanamsa. Throw venture to search, only an enlightened person from the world of free people (go into it goes from demigod Seth. Third righteous son of Adam. This is Orthodox Christianity, and all religions. Which of the Semites and matriarchy in Christianity. And even more so given the Kabbalah Jews. Not give the fate of such a code.
The last and enclosing theme of construction and rectification horoscope will be associated with an explanation, is born in this world in its present number of societies shower and you will easily be able to understand applying arithmetic. How many souls are in this world, your perception. Which is under the illusion you call statistics of the population of the Earth. Just an hour later I can write it and put you through a translator Google. We'll have to wait. While I cook myself dinner. I did not eat the food from his wife. I'll cook it for myself. And sorry west the Google translator for such an ugly translation from Russian into English and for my ignorance. I did have only 7.5 classes part-time general education. Higher education in this world is only given lower forms of development, which generally move in astrology is not allowed. After all, astrology shaped science and mathematics is not an exact science and is always in the matter of changing its basic rules, each new stage of development of the soul. That God lays on her consciousness of each historical stage of development.

Population levels of development (median sevenfold world) that you call Earth?

In the Vedas, the man who gave the Indians as knowledge, it is written that the land there is 4 320 000 000 years. It is an allegory of the cycle of rebirth in the soul of matter in terms of years, in our perception of time, which laid down that level of development.
No land. As the planets. it's just bundles of energy that make up the individual soul.
Take the two hemispheres of the earth map and break them down into 360 squares. Drop ¾ of the total number of squares attributable to the seas and oceans, where a person is born only on ships and on the islands. 120 squares of the components remain unchanged horoscope birth. Beyond the limit of each square (by Dante is an individual Heaven and Hell dual mind) already operate other codes fate. According to the number of squares on society (country, determine the number of shower with belonging to a particular society. India less than China and Russia Cathay less, then the truth is born in Russia more of these individuals than in China together with India. But the material (realnaya0 statistics which is lying all the time, as the world perceives a false image, and does not know that the number of these that have soul in this world is born in the night only 72 of the Soul., one from each demigod, which are placed on the ascending ladder of Jacob (the spiritual ladder of development - regeneration of the soul.) All that is beyond the limits of the truth is not present. This is just a dummy. Images without souls who are extras in the film God to fill the emptiness of your narrow mind, that ye may learn to expand it. (Carlos Castaneda, the third volume - " Journey to Ixtlan. " Most everyone in the world is born of the Jews, whom God has not given even their land and which cuts off the foreskin. To this lowest form of slaves could reproduce, because they do not potsik zaluplyaetsya. A Gypsy released from the cemeteries, which were their ghettos conquer India Arabs - Semites, where those from the birth of the world were eating the corpses of the righteous Hindus. They were sort sweepers society. Yet many expats around the world, the fate of which is also given lower nо kasta species, having a restless mind and for this reason their mind wanders all over the world, as well as the Jews and Gypsies - cannibals all spelled out in the code of their destiny and code Jew always points to the matriarch. When God gives you knowledge of this Ayanamsha, you'll be able to see it in the exact birth horoscope of every one who was born of a father. from the mother, or fraternal community who are of free levels of free people.
After all, God does not give you the gift of the knowledge of the books through people's understanding of the constellations Nakshatra. Where there is some demonic. Other earth. A third Deva. But if Rh negative blood factor in Deva was born in Nakshatra, it says. that this individual came into the world on one incarnation of heaven, hell. All of them can be found on the forums of astrology. As the interest in the esoteric to the nature of fate and ownership of other people's knowledge and energy of these vampires are very strong. I checked on my own experience. building many of the True horoscopes for those astrologers of obscurantism, which is not knowledge, and simple stupidity of their minds in the Internet gave their real date of birth, and the names of cities and small towns in which they were born.
A bit of societies. Cook eaten by cannibals Hawaii. Because. that the islands are born cannibals. After all, their god has limited space. That they are not eaten by Acura on the continents. Japanese samurai have the motto: "Kill the enemy, carve his liver, cook yourself sushi and eat it." Continental cannibals in Africa have a different motto: "the best hunting. It's hunting rights. "Chinese cannibals I do not know the motto. But know. What Mughals (Giant), the Slavs they built the Great Wall. But the history, science and the assumptions and custom has always been. called the Chinese wall and attributed all the laurels of its great building, to those from whom it was built as a defensive structure. Take, upload photos of the wall and the direction of light and shadow define the South, and then note that the defensive system of the wall in places where it runs horizontally toward China has a one-sided defense system faces the South. Why Chinese cannibals to build such a structure against themselves?? Absurd. And all because the mind does not know how to think and miss such simple stuff.
If you imagine that on the day the law of truth comes into this world only 72 showers a day and this number is only triggered Code of birth, then multiplying by 365 days, you will get 256280 Shower. And then multiply by the average life expectancy - 50 years. For the world collapses and life is shortened. Generation 80 laid just over 30-40 years of longevity. You get a number = 1,314,000 souls. Here's to you and all your people shaped the Earth. All who just can gather together. And your billions, it started up dust in your eyes Maya through your body is not perfect false perception of the world (the mind, and women do not even mind having, through the woman's emotion).

I wish all future astrologers. who call themselves professionals quickly learn to think and not be tied to material gain. which gives only the matter. But God does not give the material to the demon of the mind knowledge of the Truth. And astrology to such knowledge and concerns.

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Hi again, Seth,

Thanks for your contributions. Sorry to say, the text is not very intelligible in its automatic translation. It doesn't work, neither in Swedish nor in English. These automatic translations do not do any justice whatsoever to your original text! So there is no point in posting them here on the forum. I am sorry about this, Seth. Otherwise I would gladly have discussed astrological matters with you. But these texts of yours are not intelligible in their automatically translated form.

You are most welcome to contribute some non-automatically translated and more brief text of your own writing in English. Please, give it a try! :D

All well, my foreign friend!

Mats i det blå

Det finns en sång i allting
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I can tell you this topic to write in Russian. I did not study English. you can do with a Russian translation into any language, if you have the desire to comprehend the truth in the construction of astrology horoscope that person gave to the world when it came to light in 3317, the Era before Christ.

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